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Are you searching for a partner who can provide you the best market prices and short delivery times in the B2B field of mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, headphones and other electronic goods?

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We are a leading
business in mobile
phones retailing

GSM Trade is a company with a modern approach, focused on selling mobile devices across Europe to it's B2B partners. The main warehouse is located in Bucharest, Romania, while also having a warehouse in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is dealing with the distribution of mobile phones of all well-known manufacturers. We are consistently investing in improving customer support and B2B relations.

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Which allow us to
sell large quantities of
phones to B2B clients

Thanks to our logistic methods we are able to react much faster to customer needs than most of our competitors. Our team has an excellent knowledge of the market which makes it possible for us to combine high quality products with best prices. Our skills are the result of many years of experience in the mobile communications sector.

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